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Ultimate Guard

Katana Sleeves Japanese Size
Protect your cards like a Samurai would with our brand-new Katana sleeves! Honoring the tradition of pristine Japanese craftsmanship, these precision-made and extremely durable sleeves are ideal for tournament gameplay. They are fully opaque, great for shuffling and meet the highest standards of players and collectors


Figure Stands - Big Peg Vintage
We are taking (or rather making) a stand for your action figures! Display them with our transparent figure stands, available with two differently-sized pegs to fit most of your 3 3/4'' and 6'' collection!BIG PEG VINTAGE:Compatible with most Figures from:Vintage Star Wars™ 1978-1985 & Hasbro Star Wars™ Black Series 6'' / Kenner® /ReAction Figures™ / Playmate Toys® / Masters of the Universe® Classics / McFarlane Toys™ and moreTechnical data:Big Peg Vintage: Ø 31?× 1.5 mm, 3.4 mm peg


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